Huawei Vision

The Huawei Vision is aptly named – it really is a vision. A good-looking and well-priced mid-range smartphone with a host of features, it runs on Google’s Android 2.3.4 interface (otherwise known as Gingerbread), and it’s landing on UK shelves in time to be in your Christmas stocking.

With a strong and sturdy unibody aluminium design, the Huawei Vision weighs about 135g, and is just 9.9mm at its thinnest, with a width and height of 59.3mm and 116.8mm. The back of the Huawei Vision is a classy anodised metal, topped at each end with a matte black plastic. The Huawei Vision’s glossy black front piece has a 3.7-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and 256,000 colours. The Huawei Vision’s touchscreen has an accelerometer sensor, so it rotates automatically when you need it to, and a proximity sensor which locks the screen when it senses that you’re making a call. It’s the perfect size for a touchscreen, big enough to ensure accuracy when typing on the classic Android keyboard or on the Huawei’s default TouchPal keyboard, but not so big that smaller-handed people find it a stretch. This means that not only is the Huawei Vision’s touchscreen ideal for hands of all shapes and sizes, it’s the perfect size for all applications – typing text messages, tweets and Facebook posts, and also for playing the many games you can download from the Android Market. In fact, the Huawei Vision comes ready loaded with Angry Birds, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Order & Chaos Online and Guerrilla Bob HD, so the second you get your hands on a Huawei Vision, you can start gaming right away.

The Huawei Vision’s super-responsive touchscreen is slightly curved, adding a real sense of quality and luxury, as well as reducing those pesky reflections. And with 252dpi (dots/pixels per inch) you get crisp, clear images – ideal for showing off the pictures you’ll be taking with the 5-megapixel camera with single-LED flash and fast-responding autofocus that’s housed on the back of the Huawei Vision. You can use the Huawei Vision for movies, too – budding film-makers will love using the Huawei Vision to record in 720p video.

The Huawei Vision’s user interfaces will blow your mind – they are simple and intuitive to use yet fun, and they look very impressive indeed. In fact, the Huawei Vision gives you a choice of two experiences. Traditionally minded Huawei Vision owners can choose the classic Android launcher, which brings up the Google interface that Android fans know and love. If you fancy something a bit more fun, the Huawei Vision has the 3D Carousel interface, a 3D-style carousel that will allow you to view all your home screens at once in an interactive ring, even spinning them at high speed if you wish – a fun feature which looks great and makes accessing your Huawei Vision home screens more interesting. Adding and removing panels is a snap too – you can just drag and drop them in the 3D interface.

The Huawei Vision’s specifications are enough to rival any other smartphone. Running on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, the OS designed by Google especially for smartphones, it has a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and an inbuilt 2GB (ROM) internal memory, with 1GB of storage for your pictures, videos and so on. If that’s not enough for you, the Huawei Vision’s microSD card slot can take memory cards of up to a whopping 32GB.

Online access on the Huawei Vision is easy – not surprisingly for a phone with an operating system built by Google. Connecting with WiFi and 3G (plus Bluetooth), it comes with the stock Android browser which supports multiple windows, bookmarks, sharing options, JavaScript, and Adobe Flash – cleverly, internet on your Huawei Vision looks a lot like what you might see on your laptop. The Huawei Vision features a host of apps to make life easier and more enjoyable. You can search Google, use Gmail and chat with your friends on Google Talk, and use the inbuilt GPS system with Google Maps to find your way around. Access your documents and work wherever you are with Documents To Go, or browse, download (for free!) and read thousands of books with your Aldiko book reader app. Plus the Android Market has thousands of apps for any purpose you could think of, accessible at a moments notice and often free of charge.

A smartphone that truly allows you to make the most of the internet wherever you are, the Huawei Vision is a mid-range phone that will tick all your boxes.

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